A Guide to Using CRM

This article applies to customers who have CRM added to their account.  If you do not already have CRM and would like to learn more about our powerful Customer Relationship Management system, please Click Here.

Following are the essential steps needed to setup your CRM.


1. Collect Leads on IDX pages

2. Collect Leads on My Form pages

3. Contact Login page

4. Contact Groups

  • These groups are used to categorize your leads, based on the type of property they are interested in.  For example, if a lead is interested in Foreclosure homes, they will be under the Foreclosure Homes group.  Whereas, if a lead is interested in Rental properties, they will be under the Rentals group.
  • http://support.colony1.net/KB/a317/contact-groups.aspx.

5. Contact Statuses

  • These statuses are used to properly mark or identify how far along a particular lead is, towards being considered completed / closed.  For example, leads can have statuses such as Cold (beginning of the process, not quite ready, etc...), Warm (already in the process, midway through), or Hot (very close to completion).
  • http://support.colony1.net/KB/a318/status-setup.aspx.

6.  Staff List

  • Only required for the multi-user version of CRM.
  • A staff list is essentially a list of all agents working in your office, who will need to access CRM to work on the leads that are assigned to them.
  • http://support.colony1.net/KB/a319/staff-list.aspx.

7. Mail Drips

  • These are the automated e-mails that you would like to schedule ahead of time to be sent automatically by the system, to your leads.  These e-mails are based off your leads Contact Group, Staff, and Contact Status assignment.
  • http://support.colony1.net/KB/a316/mail-drips.aspx.

8. Customize CRM Settings

9. Importing Leads

Following are some additional CRM resources.

Now that you have successfully setup your CRM, you can review the following additional resources at your convenience.

1. Overview of how Bounces are handled: http://support.colony1.net/KB/a298/bounces-in-crm.aspx.

2. View and Manage your Leads: http://support.colony1.net/KB/a322/contacts-list.aspx.

3. Reports: http://support.colony1.net/KB/a321/reports.aspx.

4. Unassigned Leads from General Site Registration: http://support.colony1.net/KB/a323/unassigned-leads-from-general-site-registration.aspx.