Information Regarding Your Domain Name

Colony One

Dear Valued Customer,

We wanted to inform you about notifications concerning your Domain Name. There are numerous companies who will obtain your contact information from a public directory and attempt to sell you a DNS related service, renew your domain name, and in some cases send you what appears to be an invoice.

These notifications look legitimate because they may have your name and the domain name listed. Please be aware that these types of notifications are generally a scam and should be ignored. These companies are essentially trying to “trick you” into moving a service to them or adding a service you do not need.

If you purchased your Domain Name through Colony One, then any / all notifications regarding your Domain Name will come directly from us. If you purchased your Domain Name through another registrar such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc., then any / all notifications will come directly from them. If you receive any notifications concerning your Domain Name and are questioning whether or not they are legitimate, you should check directly with the registrar where you purchased it from and they will be able to confirm.

A recent example of a company sending similar notices is DNS Services.  You can read about this company and related issues at:

Thank you and have a great day. We appreciate your business!


Colony One

Colony One Billing Department