Advanced Website Statistics

Advanced Website Statistics for your website is an add on service, which you can login and access at http://Stats.Colony1.Net/.  You will not have to install anything and everything will be setup by our support team. Your advanced statistics will begin recording from the day it is setup.

If you are interested in adding this service to your website, please e-mail our Support Team at Support@Colony1.Net and we will provide you with pricing.  Once you approve, we will get your Advanced Stats Service setup and will e-mail you with the login information to access your Advanced Stats account.

All of the information below is tracked and can then be viewed, e-mailed, and exported to Excel through Advanced Stats.

  • Understand what pages people are spending the most and least time on
  • Measure true visitor traffic without spider and bot pollution
  • Understand the path visitors took through your website during their visit
  • Accurately track back to the pages that brought visitors to your website
  • Keyword & competitor search engine ranking reports
  • Complete SEO reporting across multiple search engines
  • Compare your SEO keywords to your competitors’
  • Analyze performance relative to marketing campaigns and SEO efforts
  • and much more...

Get more accurate website statistics with Advanced Stats (log file analytics) versus script-based software
Advanced Stats delivers accurate website statistics without the use of JavaScript tags. With log file analysis, users can measure website visitor traffic separately from spider and bot traffic, analyze website performance and page load times and even monitor the performance of servers across the network. Script-based analyzers like Google Analytics only record data from pages that have the JavaScript tracking code. That means pages without the code aren’t being included in your website statistics.

 Advanced Stats features include:

- Daily Breakdown of Views And Visits, Bandwidth, Top Pages, Top Referrers, Search Engines, Top Search Phrases, and much more! 


- The ability to identify real traffic vs. spider and bot traffic (Example: Search Engines).


- Determining what pages are being indexed and when, which can help with SEO.

- 20+ report items to analyze spider / bot activity.


- Geographic analysis by country, state, province, and city.