Custom COOLSite Templates

The "Change Design" area in the COOLSite Admin has many templates to choose from for your website.  However, if you are looking for a unique / custom template, we have some options below that you can choose from.

Below are some examples of Custom COOLSite Templates that we have created for our customers.


1) Customize Existing COOLSite Templates

  • The most affordable solution is to choose a template from the "Change Design" area and make customizations to it.  In most cases, simply creating a custom header graphic with a logo, images, contact info, etc... is enough to make your website look unique and custom.

2) Pre-built Templates

  • You can go to any Template Design site to see if there are any templates that you like.  We have suggested some of these websites below for your convenience.
  • If you find a template that you like on any Template Design site, then please e-mail us with information on how we can pull up this template on our end (ie: the website address and category / page where the template can be found, or a direct link to the template), so that we can review it and get you a quote on what the cost would be.  Please note that templates containing flash or animated graphics usually lead to a higher cost.  Therefore, you may want to avoid these types of templates if you are trying to keep the cost down.

3) Design a Template to your Specifications

  • We can design a template from scratch for you at an hourly rate.  You can e-mail us with your ideas / specifications, so that we can review and get you a quote on what the cost would be.  The more details you can provide to us, the better, so that we can get a clear understanding of what you have in mind.
  • Alternatively, you can also design a template yourself to show us exactly what you are looking for.  This would typically involve you providing us with a single HTML file and images to be used on your template.  You should have the proper knowledge / experience with HTML language when proceeding with this option, as the quote that we provide to you on what the cost would be, will depend on the clarity of your design and HTML.