Obtaining / Changing your COOLSite Admin Login

Obtaining / Changing your COOLSite Admin Login

You can go to your Admin Area where you login and there is a red password reminder box at the top right. This will allow you to instantly email your current login details to yourself.

If you forget how to get to your admin area, you can use the following link below. Using your Site ID or email address you can have your login details emailed to yourself. http://sites.colony1.net/admin/index.cfm?fuseaction=forgotpassword

Once in the admin area you can go under My Website to User Options and you can update your current username and password for the Cool Site Admin login. If your email address is changed at User Options, default communication between us will switch to your new email address.

Note: If your user email address is not accessible any longer and you do not know the password to your admin area then you will need to call the support team and verify several items to us before we can make changes to the user email address for you.

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