File Storage Hyperlink in a Page

First, Go to COOLSite Admin > File Storage and then right click on the file you want to Hyperlink, then choose, "Get URL" and copy the URL supplied in the pop-up box. (example: Click OK to close

Next, go to COOLSite Admin > Pages and Edit the page where the link needs to be added.
Within the Page Editor, type any hyperlink text into the editor box (ie: "Click here to open file") exactly where you would like this link to show on the page.  Highlight the text you just typed above.  Choose the "Link" (chain icon) option from the second row of the editor menu.  A small pop-up window should appear and in the "URL" field, you will need to paste the URL for the file you copied earlier in the "File Storage" area, by right-clicking into this field and selecting "Paste" from the menu.  When done, click on the "OK" button below to insert the link.  The pop-up window will now close and you will need to "Process Page Update" on the main Page.  You can now view/refresh the page to confirm the hyperlink works properly.