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Your template is what defines the overall look / design of your website.  This can include specific color schemes, layouts, etc...  We have a gallery of free templates that you can browse through and apply to your website.  Please see below for instructions on how to choose / change the template on your COOLSite.

1. Select A New Design

  • Click on the "Change Design" button from the menu on the left in your COOLSite Admin.
  • Select from the categories below to find a template for your site.

  • Once you have found a template you like, click on the thumbnail image and then click on the "Apply This Theme/Template Now!" button at the top of the following page, to apply this template design to your website.

2. Apply Saved Content

  • After updating a template the system automatically backs up any content that you added in the “Configure Layout” regions of your template.
  • This content needs to be applied to the new template that you have selected.
  • After you clicked the “Apply This Theme/Template Now!” button, the system automatically takes you to the “Configure Layout” area which is where you can re-apply this saved content following these steps:

A) Click into any of the “Configure Layout” regions on your new template and scroll down to the “Saved Content Library” section on the following page.

B) You can click on the “Preview” link associated with any of your Saved Content, to view the content.

C) When you find the content that you would like to reload into the specific region that you are within currently (ie: Header, Footer, etc…), you will need to click on the corresponding “Load to Editor” link.  When prompted to save the current content to your “Saved Content Library”, you can choose to do so or not, depending on your preference.

D) You will now see the content that was reloaded from your “Saved Content Library”, in the editor box.

E) Click on the “Apply to Site Now” button below the editor box, to save your content to this region.

  • You can repeat the above steps as needed, to reload content from your “Saved Content Library” to the various “Configure Layout” regions on your new template.

NOTE: If you are interested in a custom template for your website, we are happy to offer several solutions.  Please see our "Custom Template Designs" Knowledge Base article at, for more information.

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