Email Forwarding through Enom

What is Email Forwarding?
Email Forwarding through Enom (Colony One - Domain Registrar) is simply an automatic email forwarding service. People address email to your mailbox at your domain name (, and Enom forwards it to your "real" email address at Hotmail, Google Mail, or wherever. It’s an option that gives you an easy way to reinforce your branding.

How do I set up Email Forwarding?
Go to
Login with your Enom Domain and Password.  *For Password Resets, contact the Colony One Support Team.
Across from Email Settings, click Edit
In the Service Selection menu, select Email Forwarding.
In the Username column, type the User Name part of the Email Address.
In the Forward To column, type the forwarding email address, such as your Hotmail or Google Mail address.
Click Add New to add another mailbox.
When you finish adding mailboxes, click Save.