Google Verify ownership

1)   Signup and/or Login for a Google Webmaster Tools account
2)   Click ADD A SITE, enter the URL of your site starting with "www." and click Continue.
3)   You should be re-directed to the Verification page.  If not then Click Verify this site
4)   Click, Alternate methods and Choose, Add a meta tag to your site's home page *(See screenshot below)
5)   Choose, "HTML tag" (Add a meta tag to your site's home page)
6)   Copy the meta tag provided, and paste it into your COOLSite Admin >Meta Tags > HTML HEAD TEXT
7)   Go back to the Google verify page and click Verify at the bottom.
8)   It should show Verification successful, then click Continue
9)   Below Website URL it should now show Verified
10) Click Claim this URL and it should display Verified and claimed

* Screenshot per step 4 above.