Copying and Pasting in Editor

When building pages using the COOLSite Editor, such as a Free Form page, it is common that you will want to Copy and Paste content from other editing software sources such as Microsoft Word or other websites.

These other sources can carry over unwanted formatting that can only be seen in the Raw HTML. This can cause issues when you are editing the page further.

We suggest that before pasting content from other sources into the Editor, to do the following first. This will eliminate these types of issues.

1. Copy the content that you will be pasting into the Editor.

2. Open the Notepad application on your computer.  This is usually found under your programs menu in the "Windows Accessories" folder.

3. Paste your content into the Notepad application (Edit > Paste).

4. Copy the content from the Notepad application (Edit > Select All, followed by Edit > Copy).

5. Paste content into the COOLSite Editor.

Note: Doing the above will remove all formatting and structure from your content and will leave it as plain text. You can then re-format and style your content accordingly using the COOLSite Editor.