Transfer a Domain from Colony One to another Registrar

If you originally registered your domain at Colony One and would like to transfer it to another registrar.

Go to to do a Whois on your domain to see it's current settings.  Scroll down and the email address under Administrative:" is where all automatic email sending and approval will be sent to by our Registrar.  If that email address is not correct then let us know and we will update it.

At this point you should have already paid for a domain transfer at your new registrar.  Upon your request, we will Unlock your Domain and email the Authorization EPP key to the Administrative email address mentioned above. You will then need to enter/submit that Authorization EPP key into the proper place at your new registrar. Once submitted, your new registrar will send us a final email to the Administrative email address asking to accept the domain transfer. Once accepted, your Transfer will be completed automatically within 5 -7 business days.

In Summary: Once we update you as the Administrative contact email address, Unlock the domain, and send you the Authorization EPP key, all communication/approval/transfer emails will go directly to you so you will be able to do the transfer on your own without further tasks from us.