IDX Listings Pages - Listing Filters

You can set IDX Listings Pages to only show specific criteria of Listings such as:
Financial Details (Foreclosure/ShortSale)
Property Type
MLS Numbers/MLS Areas
and much more.

In your Admin under Pages
Edit, any IDX Listings page type.  (Click Add New Page if you need a new IDX Listings page, then you can Edit)
Click Listing Filters at the top
Once done editing the Filters click, Save Search Parameters, at the bottom.

Please note that if you wish to display all items in a Filtered area, do not select anything.  Selecting nothing with display all.  For example, if you have 7 Property types and wish to show all of them as a selection on your IDX page, then do not high light any of them.  If you only wish to show three, then you would high light those three property types.