Listing Inquiries / Lead Routing

Within your COOLSite admin area, you can specify how listing inquiries from your site are routed (ie: when a visitor contacts you about a particular listing on your site).  To configure these settings, you will need to click on "Configuration > Contact Settings" from the menu on the left.


Choose this option if you would like to show the relevant agent / brokerage info as configured in the Configure Agents / Configure Brokerages area (ie: For all listings in the "View My Listings" area, show the info. for that particular agent/brokerage on the site and/or use the e-mail address specified for that agent/brokerage as the contact or e-mail address in which the lead or listing inquiry is sent to.

Additionally, if someone is viewing a listing on your site that does not appear in your "View My Listings" area, then you can use the drop-down box here to select which information is then shown on your site / which e-mail address will be used to send the listing inquiry or lead to. You can select from any existing agent/brokerage already configured on your site or you can select the option for "Site Owner Information" if you would like to show / use the information that we currently have on file for you in our system.


Select this option if you would like to use the information from a specific agent/brokerage already configured on your site, regardless to whether or not the listing is currently in your "View My Listings" area. This option basically allows you to manually control the information which is displayed on your site / to which e-mail address the lead or listing inquiry is to be sent to.

Additional Display Options

#1 Select this option to provide your visitors with a choice of agent(s) they would like to contact about a particular listing. If you select this option the lead will be routed to the agent selected by the visitor. However the information displayed will still be controlled by your selection above (Option 1 or 2).

#2 Send contact requests to this email address IF AND ONLY IF the agent selected by my website user is "Not sure". This setting is only applicable if the above setting #1 (Additional Display options) is enabled.

#3 Select this option to show an e-mail text link field when viewing the property details on any listing.

Additional Contact Options

Select this option to send a blind carbon copy (BCC) of the "Contact Agent" and "Request a Showing" leads to the e-mail addresses specified in the box alongside. Separate multiple e-mail addresses with a comma.