Point your existing Domain to your Website

How to point your existing Domain Name to your website

1. Email Information.  If you have e-mail accounts associated with this domain name (example: Info@MyDomain.Com), please e-mail Support@Colony1.Net with your MX Records and any other e-mail related DNS information, so that we can setup these records accordingly in our DNS.  You can obtain any DNS / e-mail / MX record information from your e-mail provider.  

**  Please do not proceed past this point until we are able to configure your e-mail / MX records in our DNS.  Once we receive the record information from you, and have setup the necessary records for your domain name in our DNS, we will notify you to proceed with the steps below.  If you do not use e-mail with this domain name, you can proceed with the steps below. **

2. Login to your Domain Control Panel via the Domain Registrar where you purchased your domain name from (i.e, GoDaddy) and update / set your existing Name Servers to point to the following two records: DNS1.Colony1.Net, DNS2.Colony1.Net.

If you have a Custom Site (and not a COOLSite) your website may utilize different Colony One Name Servers.  Please e-mail Support@Colony1.Net to verify the Name Servers that you will need to use for your website.

3. If you have a COOLSite, login to your COOLSite Admin and click "Domain Registration" from the menu on the left.  Under the "Connect Your Own Domain" section, type your domain name into the "Domain Name" box (example: if the domain name is MyDomain.Com, you will type MyDomain into this box) and select the appropriate domain extension from the drop-down selection box (.com, .net. etc...).  When done, click the "Connect This Domain Now" button.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your domain name to show your COOLSite.