How to check Website Traffic

How to check Website Traffic

Below is the standard page stats counting built into your Admin.  If you are looking for a high level of Stats collection then see the following article:

In your admin area under My Website click Page Stats. This will give you Site Stats. You can view the pages separately with the number of hits on each page. You can also reset the counters for each page which keep track of the number of hits per page.

NOTE : If you should view any of the individual pages on your site through the admin area, this will no longer be counted as a hit to that specific page or pages.  The same applies to the View Website button at the top of the admin area.  Therefore, any views to your pages / website that is initiated from within your admin area will no longer be considered as a hit to your site.  Furthermore, if and when you do view a page / your site through the admin area and try navigating to any other page(s) on your site once the site is loaded, this will not count as page hits either.


If you were editing your Home page in the admin area and clicked on "View Page" from the edit screen, this will not be counted as a hit to your Home page since the click to view this page was initiated through your admin area.  Furthermore, once the Home page is displayed on the website itself, if you were to then click on the Contact Us page for example or any other page(s), no hits will be counted to these pages since the initial view of the site was initiated through the admin area.

With this new change in effect, this will allow you to see more accurate statistics when viewing the Page Stats area in your admin.  If you should pull up your site directly and not through the admin area, then the page hits will be counted again.  On the same note, if you notice that the page hits aren't being counted when you view the actual site itself directly, then this is not an indication that something is wrong or not working correctly.  Instead, more than likely, this type of behavior will occur if your web browser hangs on to the previous session variable from the last time you were logged into your admin area.  In this case, please close out all of your opened browser tabs / windows and then restart your web browser application.  At this point, your web browser should have cleared out the previous session variable and if you were to go to your site again directly and navigate through the pages again, then you should notice the page hits starting to count again.  In a case where you have done the above and you are still not seeing your page hits being counted when you go to the site directly, then please let us know so that we can look into this further for you.  Thanks!