Updating Featured Properties on Home Page


The "Featured Properties" area of your Home Page allows you to highlight and showcase particular listings on your website.  This is done via a slideshow of the photos that pertain to the listings that you have selected to be included.  Your visitors can click on any of the photos in the slideshow for full listing details.  The benefit of the "Featured Properties" area is that you can call attention to particular listings that you would like your visitors to see (ie: Price Reduced, New Listings, etc...).

How to Update the Featured Properties

1) Click on "Pages" from the menu on the left in your COOLSite Admin.

2) Click on the "Hidden Pages" tab at the top and look for a page titled "Featured Properties" or "Featured Props".  Typically, you should only see one of these two pages.  However, if both of these pages exist, please let us know and we will be able to identify which of these pages you need to edit here.

3) Click on the corresponding icon under the "Edit" column, to edit this page.

4) From the listing grid below, place a checkmark under the "Featured" column, next to the properties that you would like to mark as a featured property, and uncheck any that you no longer want as a featured listing.  You can use the search above to find these listings faster.

5) Click on the "SAVE" button below to save your changes.

6) You can now view your website to confirm that your featured properties have been updated successfully.

  • The Featured Properties area of your Home Page does not update automatically to reflect your new listings as they become available.  This is a user-maintained feature that requires you to update manually, as there is no way for the system to automatically know which listings you would like to feature at any given time.
  • When editing this page in your COOLSite Admin, you can also click on the "Captions" & "Display Settings" links above for additional configuration options.