Promotional Codes

You can add promotional codes to your site by clicking on “Promotional Codes” from your admin area.  Then, click on the “Add Discount Code” button from the next page.


You can then fill out the necessary information and click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page when you’re done.  For more help on filling out the required fields, please click on the “Get More Help” link in the yellow box above.


At this point, you have successfully setup a Promotional Code on your site and you can now do the following to allow customers to know about these promotional codes that you are currently running on your site.


You can create a new free form type page on your site, where you can add all of your current promotional codes to.  Your customers can then go to that page and locate the code that they would like to use with their order.  Once they locate the code, they can then apply it accordingly to their shopping cart as follows:


When your customers add a product to their shopping cart, they will see a box that says "Enter a promotional code" where they can enter and submit one of your promotional codes.  Then, when they apply that code to their shopping cart, if their current order total matches the promotional criteria, then the discount will be applied.