Maintaining Registered User Settings

In your admin, go to "Registered Users > Master Settings".

Under "Registration Required Pages on Site", there will be listed every one of your pages that are only viewable by registered users. This enables you to at a glance know which of your pages are restricted from non-users. You can also edit any of these pages by clicking on their page name.

Next you will see a list titled "Registration Services on Site".

The first item on this list is titled "SiteWide Login Panel". This enables you to display a login panel on each and every one of your websites. If the "Active" column is set to "NO", then the login panel will only display on pages that require a login to view. Click "NO" under "Active" (thus changing it to display as "YES") to display the login panel on every single page on your website.

If you click "Edit" next to the "Page Name" titled "default - FromAdmin", then you will be directed to the settings page for your admin Mailing List page. This page can also be accessed by clicking "Mailing List" in the admin navigation menu.

If you have any mailing list pages, then they will be listed here as well. Clicking "Edit" will enable you to edit their settings. This new page makes it easier to keep track of your mailing lists and registration locked pages.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team at or 954-341-7031.