QR Code for your COOLSite


QR Codes contain contact information (phone, e-mail, etc...) which can be decrypted via a QR Code reader application on a mobile device (Smart Phone, Tablet, etc...).  QR Codes look very similar to barcodes and are found not only on websites, but on printed flyers, business cards, etc...  The purpose of a QR Code is to allow your customers to quickly download your contact information to their mobile device, without having to manually input this information.

Creating and Installing a QR Code on your Website:

There are many QR Code generators available online, which can be used to create your very own QR Code.  One example can be found at http://www.moongate.ro/en/products/qr_code-vcard.  The final output of a finished QR Code is generally in a standard Image Format (.PNG, .JPG, etc...).  You can add a finished QR Code to your website the same way as adding any image to your website.  It's that simple.  Please see the following Knowledge Base article for instructions on how to add an image to your website - http://support.colony1.net/KB/a273/add-images-to-pages-and-design-regions.aspx.

Demo QR Code:

Below is a QR Code that we generated for Colony One.  Try scanning it with a QR Code reader application on your mobile device to see how it works.