Client Portal

You can use our Client Portal to update your credit card information, make payments, view invoices, and complete other billing related functions associated with your account.  Our Client Portal is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at:

Once you have logged into the portal you can click on the "Billing" or “Account” tabs to complete various functions.


You will see two buttons: "My Billing Summary" and "My Credit Cards".  

  • The “My Billing Summary" section will show your invoices and payments.  You can also make payments from here.
    • To Pay All Open Invoices:  Click the "Pay All: $xx.xx" button if you wish to pay all open invoices.
    • To Pay Individual Invoices:  Select the invoices you wish to pay by checking the box under the "Options" column and then clicking on the "Pay Selected (below)" button.
  • The "My Credit Cards" section will allow you to update the credit card information you have associated with your account.
    • To Edit or Delete a Credit Card:  Select the Edit or Delete button located under the "Options" column.
    • To Add a Credit Card:  Please complete the fields at the bottom of the screen and click "Add Card" when done. 
    • Please note, if you have multiple cards on file you must select one to be the default.  You can activate this setting by checking the box in the "Default?" column.


You will see two buttons: "My Services List" and "My Account Details".

  • The "My Services List" section will show you a summary of your Services and allow you to change the Payment Method for each Service.
    • To access the details of each Service, click the "+" next to the corresponding Site ID.
      • "Services" displays your current service package with Colony One.
      • "Billing" displays your Recurring Billing Amount, Next Bill Date, and Payment Method.  You can change your Payment Method to Automated Payments by selecting this option from the drop-down box, and then clicking on the "Change Payment Settings" button.
      • "Domains" displays the Domain Names that are currently connected to your COOLSite.
    • You can also login to the COOLSite Admin for any of your Services, by clicking on the corresponding "Login To Admin" button.
  • The "My Account Details" section will allow you to update your Client Portal login credentials (Username & Password) as well as your contact information.  If you update any information in this section, please remember to click on the "Submit Change of Account Details" button when done.

If needed, you can obtain your login credentials for the Client Portal by clicking the “Forgot Password" link from the login page.

If you prefer, you can always update your credit card information and/or make payments by calling us direct at (954) 341-7031.