Unassigned Leads from General Site Registration

There are essentially two ways in which a visitor can register for an account on your website.  They can register through an IDX Listings page or the General Site Registration page.

By default, whenever a new visitor registers for an account on your website through the General Site Registration page (ie: by clicking on the "Register Now" link on any non IDX Listings page that is enabled for Registration Required access), they are entered into CRM as an "Unassigned" lead (ie: Unassigned Contact Group and Staff) and you will not receive an e-mail notification informing you of this new lead.  However, you can setup your CRM to better route such leads, by assigning them to an actual Contact Group and Staff, and therefore resulting in getting an e-mail notification.  Please see the instructions below on how to do so.

1) Click on "CRM" from the menu on the left in your COOLSite Admin.

2) Click on "Contact Groups" from the menu at the top of the page.

3) Click on the "Add New Contact Group" button at the bottom of the page.

4) Enter a "Group Name" (Example: Unassigned Leads or Unassigned Leads from General Site Registration).

5) Click on the "Rules" tab above and do the following.

  • Check the "Auto Assign" box
  • Select "* NO SOURCE *" under "Source Page"
6) Click on the "Staff Assignment" tab above and select the Staff Members that you would like to assign these types of leads to, by moving them over from the "Available Staff" list to the "Assigned Staff" list.

7) Click on the "Save" button below.

8) Double-click on this Contact Group to re-edit it and click on the "Auto Lead Weighting" tab above, and enter the Lead Weight Setting that you would like to use for each Staff Member listed.  Please see the very bottom of the following Knowledge Base article - http://support.colony1.net/KB/a317/contact-groups.aspx, for more information on Auto Lead Weighting.