Status Setup


Within this section in CRM, you will need to setup various statuses for your leads.  These statuses are used to properly mark or identify how far along a particular lead is, towards being considered completed / closed.

Examples of statuses are:

  • Cold - Leads that are at the beginning of the process and not quite ready.
  • Warm - Leads that are already in the process / midway through.
  • Hot - Leads that are very close to completion.


1. Click "Status Setup" from the menu at the top

2. Click the "Add New Status" button

3. Enter a "Status Name" (ie: Warm) and "Status Description" (ie: Leads that are already in the process / midway through).

4. Select a "Group Rank" for this Status.  This should be based on the progress level of your statuses (ie: Cold = 1, Warm = 2, and Hot = 3).  Please note that the Status you rank as 1 will indicate that this is the default Status that all new leads will be assigned to.

5. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom.