Transfer an Existing Domain Name to Colony One

If you would like to Transfer your domain name from another registrar/host to have the domain registered/hosted with Colony One then please do the following:

There will be a $20 fee for the transfer which also includes an extra year of domain registration on top of your existing registered time.  You do not lose any time or pay for overlapping months. A transfer adds a full year to the current expiration date.  Please submit your transfer requests well in advance of the expiration date. We are not responsible for domains that expire prior to a successful transfer.

Please login to your domain registrar account to do the following:
a) Unlock the Domain.
b) Change the administrative/registrant Contact E-Mail address to so we can approve all emails.
c) Obtain the EPP transfer authorization code key prior to submitting your transfer request.
*Note: if preferred you can send us the login to your domain registrar account and we will do these steps for you.

When all 3 steps above are done then email us your authorization code key.
We will then start the transfer which will e-mail the current domain registrant contact for authorization which should now be per step b) above.  The email will contain a link to a webpage to choose Accept/Submit of the transfer.  After the emailed link is accepted/submitted it will take 3-8 days for the domain to be transferred.

If you are unsure of your domain expiration date and/or where your domain is currently registered then use the tool mentioned in this KB article: 

Additional Help info at other registrars:

How To Expedite (Accept) a Domain Transfer From GoDaddy
After you do the final step above, (emailed link is accepted/submitted), GoDaddy, which has the longest delay, can take 5+ days to transfer.  If you would like to immediately approve the transfer then do the following:
1)  Sign in to your GoDaddy account.
2)  Select the "Domain Manager" option from the left column, to see list of domains.
3)  Mouse over the "Domains" tab (top of page) and select the "Pending Transfers".
4)  Click on the check box next to the domain name.
5)  Click on the now highlighted Accept/Decline option above the check box.
6)  Select Accept and click Submit.
7)  Wait an hour and then confirm the transfer is done by using whois or other method.