Shipping Surcharge Issue

The reason why your shipping charges are coming up to such enormous amounts is due to the fact that you currently have dollar amounts listed in the “Shipping Surcharge” field of one or more of your products.  In addition, you already have your shipping rates defined in your admin area (Shipping > Rates).  Therefore, when someone checks out from you site, the system is actually calculating the rates that you have defined in Shipping > Rates as well as the shipping surcharges currently defined for your products.  This results in an enormous dollar amount.


To correct this problem, you will first need to click on “Shipping > Rates” from your admin are and make sure that the appropriate rates (based on the drop shipper you are using) are entered for each of the shipping carriers that you have currently selected.  When you are done making the necessary changes to your rates, you will need to click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.


Next, you will need to edit your product(s) to either update or remove the shipping surcharges completely from any given product.  To edit existing products, you will need to click on “Products > View/Edit Product” from your admin area.  Next, click on any product and from the next page, scroll down to the field that says “Shipping Surcharge”.  Here you can edit the existing dollar amount or delete it completely if you wish to.  After making the necessary changes to your dollar amount, please click on “Update Product” at the bottom of the page.


NOTE: You will need to repeat the steps above for editing the Shipping Surcharge for your other products.


When you are done editing the Shipping Surcharge for all your products, you can then go back to your site and select an item to purchase and go through the checkout process to see if the shipping charges are now being calculated correctly.


If you are still having problems at this point, please let us know, thanks!