Copying & Pasting information from your Product Sheet (Document) to your Site

Below are the instructions on how to copy and paste information from the Product/Data Sheet/Website that your dropshipper has supplied you with, onto your site.

*Note: Before copying and pasting information from any of the above sources, please make sure that you have the permission from your dropshipper to do so.

When you open up the document/website containing the text you want to copy over to your site, you will need to first highlight the text from the document/website and then hold down the “CTRL + C” keys on your keyboard to copy the selected text. Next, when you go to add a new product (Products > Add New Products) or edit an existing product (Products > View/Edit Product), you can paste the text you previously copied to the respective field (ie: Product Name, Product Description, etc…) in your admin area by holding down the “CTRL + V” keys on your keyboard.

*Note: You cannot copy and paste images from these sites into your admin area. Instead, you will need to first save the image onto your computer as a .gif or .jpg image type and then upload it to the respective area in your admin.